Posted by: cavemanwithmartini | December 31, 2009

How To Be Relentlessly Happy (In the Winter) by Troy Ygnacio Soriano.

This is a version of my list from last year, “Winter Survival Guide”.

It’s still dedicated to Diana Clarke, who shines in all seasons.

Do this in the Winter:

1. Play sports( indoors/outdoors). Indoor football gets everyones blood pumping pretty fast, including pets.

2. Invest in a flask and a decent whiskey. Keep it in your jacket pocket.

3. GET MORE SLEEP! In winter you need more sleep.

Lately I’ve learned to sleep anywhere and public sleeping (subways, coffee shops, libraries, museums) is a good winter sport.

4. Consume a bit more calories, calories are heat. Sleep and an increase in calories will keep immunity high during harshly cold weather. They’ve done studies on this.

5. Join a gym.

6. Dress warm indoors, it makes the outside less cold, and more refreshing.

7. Cultivate a home life, do more things at home or at other peoples homes. Feather the nest, make your home a sweet spot for people to drop by in the Winter, cheery + less isolation!

8. Socialize more. Socialize as if it’s something to do everyday, like brushing your teeth.

9. Read more.

10. Stay more social in general.

11. Take fun and varied road trips with friends. Change scenery in Winter, even if you’re just trading one snowy vista for another.

12. Have the right winter gear: polypropelyne/fleece/wool/polar fleece. Wear them with each other in thin layers.

13. See the months as ideal preparation time for something you’ll unveil in warmer months, like abs. I did this one Winter and it was fun. But it can be something like a big, grand artistic project as well.

14. Hot cider.

15. Spiked hot cocoa.

16. Wear a union suit. Have two on hand.

17. Make a ton of cuddle-buds.

18. See live music, it’s often boiling at those events. You end up praying to get outside and be in the cold.

19. Nightclubs are always too hot, go to them.

20. Board games, have pals over with some noshes.

21. Photo shoots at home, or out in the weather. See it as not an obstacle but a temporary backdrop you can appreciate.

22. Write a book. (personal favorite)

23. Drink more hot tea.

24. Always have a stew or soup simmering in a crock pot.

25. Bake bread.

26. Drink beer.

27. Work out at home.

28. Take a class.

29. Make a new human friend every day.

30. Make a new animal friend every day.

31. Go somewhere that’s not work and not home and not school where you’ll see the same people every day. Cultivate a clique to chat up every day. A pub or coffeeshop is ideal.

32. Find a hot tub in the area and crash it, sitting in a hot tub during a snow storm is one of life’s keen pleasures. Add a whiskey to that and you’re living.

33. BREAK A SWEAT EVERY DAY/ inner heat is key. Drummers in rock bands are some of the warmest, calmest people you’ll ever meet.

34. Snow shoe naked. This is metaphorical or literal. Embracing the snow full-on, in a naked embrace changes your relationship to it. Being naked in the snow seems to be a cult more and more people are joining, I think simply because people are tired of letting weather keep them stir-crazy. Yes you are cold, but then as soon as you’re not, you’re not. The cold becomes a memory, almost an abstract memory, once you are warm again. So why let it keep you down? I went snow shoe-ing naked with a buddy last Winter in the moonlight and it was one of the most beautiful memories of my life.

35. Dress up. Winter is not an excuse to put a gray hoodie and sweatpants on for eight months. How you dress is the cheapest, most accessible way to bring a smile to your face and to the faces of others. It can be anything, a bow-tie, a funny hat. Line those stilletoes with polar fleece if you have to. A man wearing eye-liner is not going to have a boring day.

“Age could never wither her. Nor custom stale her infinite variety.”

Remember, MILD WEATHER DULLS THE BRAIN. There’s a reason San Diego is like that.


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