Posted by: cavemanwithmartini | September 4, 2009

Experience yourself as your own source.

I was walking to Alamo Square park a week ago, when I heard this wonderful jazz music all around me. I looked to my left and there were about forty people quickly assembling around this garage full of art and music. Fascinated, enthusiastic people.

Then, just as quickly, the song was over and all forty people dispersed.
When it did, this smiling man was standing there. I told him I was doing a blog about being happy.
He got it. He was it.
What I especially loved was that he wasn’t waiting for his dream to come true, he wasn’t waiting for someone to come and say “yes, spend your life doing your dream and here is a fortune to do it.” He was adjusting his life so that he could live his dream, in real time, with absolutely no one’s permission and to everyone’s benefit and joy. It’s joy, shared, in real terms.
And that is the Charles Unger Experience.


  1. Sounds like he's both Relentlessly and Spontaneously Happy.

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