Posted by: cavemanwithmartini | July 6, 2011

Because I have turned 39-here are– 39 THINGS I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO! (-and 10 things I resolve to stop.)

by Troy Ygnacio Soriano.

I’m gonna do this each year and add one more X-)


(-and 10 things I resolve to stop.)


Getting a free Starbucks bday drink..

Writing my arse off this year.

Getting INSANELY, crazy-pills fit again.


Getting some more tattoos.

Seeing a Premiership or Champions league game in the UK.

Making and sewing more of my own clothes, cos I dig it for some reason!!!
Learning to cook and eating more vegan. Yep yep!

Making scads more friends.

Starting my French punk band: PROUSTS PUKE…..

Doing more fasts and cleanses.

Getting involved in the election.

Living somewhere more permanant. Putting some lil’ roots down.

Doing some more subway poetry readings.. Public square type readings..

Reading more books.

Spending time offline.

Spending more time without my mobile phone on me or even around me. Forgetting where it is .. losing it .. throwing it in a tree.

Giving more gifts.
Doing more yoga.

Taking some really good cooking classes/unusual or challenging.

Making more of a big woop about Christmas! Ok.
Throwing a big party.
Being naked or little-clothed more often.


Writing more letters. Or at least one really long one.

Spending more time in rural nature, and at a great remove from the hustle-bustle.

Take a refresher course in Mindfulness Training.

Get a new pair of glasses or two.

Directing a video for my husbands good tunes!!!!

Starting to information-gather for a food business.

Getting real roots down in a garden. (also plant another secret Garden like the one I put in Golden Gate Park.)

Write a song all my own.

Teach more.

Start building my book library up again.

Giving more of my work out for free.

Buy a record player and put in the bed room.
Putting a big old radio in the kitchen and leave it on NPR/classical.

I’m gonna start sketch-designing my own clothing collection every season and then make a few items from what I designed. In addition to this, I’m gonna create a few jeans-type items for wearing casually and for giving to friends.

Get more involved in Freemasonry.

-10 Things I resolve to do MUCH LESS of this year;

Eating until I am full.
Buying things from chain stores.

Wearing clothes so often.

Eating food that is gross, or fast food, or not good for me, or late at night, or somehow not right.

Coddling my friends delusions or my own. Even if its seems loving to do so.

Looking at the same websites-find some new favorites

Lil less online social networking for real-time friend making.

Stop watching TV, all TV shows ..and save the tv-usage for good movies…..

Couchsurfing. It’s time.

Buying clothes from the mall -any mall.

Bonus ..

Ooo! Things to keep doing well!

collecting artworks from my artist-friends.
sharing kombucha
Writing down what I eat.

July 6, 2011


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